General Setup

The equipment Let There Be Light Entertainment includes is:


The base prices are an estimate*. The price can change depending on the actual event, size, and how long it lasts.
Any other amount of time or special cases will be discussed separately. Don't be afraid to ask any questions.
The estimate includes time for setting up. For example, a 2 hour event would be an event that lasts 2 hours and you pay $250 no matter how long we take to setup the equipment. Usually 2 hours is enough time to setup and test but if that is an issue we will discuss it. An event would be defined as any time that my equipment would be used outside of setup.
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The Light Guarantee for music relieves some stress from the event coordinator because it makes sure that any music requested or preset is appropriate for the event. The song is checked for explicit content and then rechecked for any inappropriate obvious messages coming from the song. For example, the song "Greased Lighting" if ran through the Light would be denied as the message is inappropriate. Customer Service is our first priority so you will have a memorable time working with us, then choose and recommend us in the future. If you have any questions at all please use the contact page.